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Take a look around, have some fun, just remember to wipe off the monitor when you are done. Come back soon.

Blunt or Beer?
It's a tough decision we all know. You can go for the mellow night with lots of laughter, or get your goggles on and start working on some ladies. Or be daring and pull a Peewee Herman in a movie theater and put both hands to use. We all know that'll get you pretty f'd up but some people like it that way. (more here)

We want to hear about School rivalries. Tell us who your school rival is and tell us why your school is better, or simply bitch and moan about another school, we just want to hear something funny. If you can convince us to hate the same school or schools as you…we'll give you something…like the ugliest girl from that schools campus so you can put her on display.
My girlfriend has a penis!!!!! What should I do?!!! Please tell me!!! Click here.
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